Oct 212016

ff tube clasps

Tube clasps (also known as slide clasps) are a nice way to finish multi-strand bracelets as they are not only secure, but keep the strands of beads separated rather than gather them down to a “V” shape at the ends. Also, you don’t have that one inch or so of space that a traditional clasp usually takes up, so you see more of your beaded design.

Although these clasps are used primarily for bracelets, you could use one for a necklace. You might have to make the outer strands longer in order to account for the curve of the piece going around the neck.

Here are links to several different tube clasps for you to choose from for your next jewelry project:

The bracelet I show in the video is my Gunmetal & Crystal bracelet, if you’d like to see how it was made. 🙂

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Friday Findings-Using Tube Clasps In Your Bracelets & Jewelry video at YouTube.