May 162017

bell flower earrings cover

As is often the case these earrings started with the beads. I’ve had these cute little Czech glass bell flower beads for some time.

I bought them at the same time as I bought the pink tulip flower beads and the green leaves for the Sweet Spring Tulip bracelet thinking that they would go together in a project. However, once I put them together I thought the styles were just a little bit too different and although I had originally thought the red and the pink would be pretty together I just didn’t care for it.

sweet spring tulip bracelet insta

I’m always a fan of earrings with drooping flower dangles and decided these cranberry colored beads would look good with gold and white and crystal. My original thought had been to dangle them all from lengths of chain, which I still think would be a good look, but once I got started making the links with the freshwater pearls and crystal rondelles I thought that was plenty.

When you watch the video you’ll notice that I make a design decision right in the middle of the project. This happens all the time, I’m not one to plan things out with detailed sketches from the beginning, but usually only have a general idea of where I’m heading and make adjustments as I go along.

What kind of changes would you make to this design? Do you plan things in advance or work it out as you go along? Or perhaps design in a completely different way?

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Bell Flower Bead Earrings-Jewelry Tutorial at YouTube.

Jul 042016

post & charm earrings

I decided to call this project “Post & Charm Earrings” rather than “Flower & Cat Earrings” because I wanted the focus to be on the design instead of the particular elements I chose.

This project is so incredibly simple, but so versatile! Like I mention in the video, you only need four elements: a charm to dangle from the bottom, a decorative earring finding, a bead and some wire.

Your personal choices of each of these four things can completely change the look of the earrings.

Of course, if you want to use the exact posts & charms I did, here you go: 🙂

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Post & Charm Earrings Video Tutorial at YouTube.

Mar 162015

When I saw these cute little Lucite flowers, all I could think was to make dangly earrings with beads coming out like stamens.


They didn’t come out exactly the way I pictured, but I think they’re rather adorable.


Anyhow , let’s celebrate spring flowers!

You can watch the Dainty Dangles Flower Earrings video over at YouTube.


  • 8 4mm bicone crystals
  • 2 8mm bicone crystals
  • 8 4mm pearls
  • 2 8mm pearls
  • 6 3mm silver plated round beads
  • 6 silver plated headpins (or 4 head pins and 2 eye pins)
  • 6 10mmx6mm lucite flowers
  • 2 silver plated ear wires


  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  1. Onto a headpin string a 3mm silver bead, two 4mm pearls, a lucite flower and three 4mm bicone crystals. Repeat on another headpin stringing only one 4mm crystal.
  2. Trim wire above last crystal to 3/8-inch. Grasp wire with tips of round nose pliers and twist to form a simple loop.
  3. Repeat to make a simple loop on other head pin.
  4. On an eye pin string a 3mm silver bead, an 8mm pearl, a lucite flower and an 8mm bicone crystal. Repeat step two to make a simple loop.
  5. Open one loop of this unit and attach the two flower dangles made in steps one through three.
  6. Open other loop of this unit and attach an ear wire.
  7. Repeat to make second earring.