Oct 072007

This pattern was purchased on a quilt group field trip to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, New Hampshire – definitely a destination for any quilter!   It’s called “Pumpkin Patch” by the Pottery Collection, Table Quilts by Rabbit Run.

Instead of doing all black cats like in the pattern, these are our three kitties, from left to right: Molly, Ollie and Mr.B.  (Notice Molly’s rolling her eyes at the boys.) The cat and pumpkin appliques are all hand-dyed wools I purchased at Keepsake.

I hung it up just in time for fall, but I don’t think it’s ever going to come down!

black cats in the pumpkin patch wool applique quilted wallhanging

Dec 112006

This fun pattern is called Topsy-Turvy Sailboats and it’s from a book called Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts, which I use a lot.   You could do this setting with any block, just make sure to keep your  triangles organized, or else your blocks will come out weirdly shaped!

topsy turvy sailboat-quilt

Making baby quilts is always fun, because you can try new patterns and techniques on a small scale.  There are no worries about the recipient being dismayed if your points don’t always match exactly.  😉

topsy turvy sailboat quilt close up

Aug 112006

This pattern was from a magazine which I no longer have.  If you reconize it, please let me know so I can give the designer credit.

It was a special labor of love for special friends of ours on the birth of their first child, a daughter.

butterflies and flowers quilt

Doing the machine trapunto work was a challenge, but I was quite pleased with how it came out.  It was rather humid this August and the water-soluble marker kept disappearing just minutes after I drew on the pattern.  I had to quilt fast!

butterflies and flowers quilt close up

Jan 052006

Every year by early January I’ve had enough of the Christmas red & green, so I always love to bring out this table runner and top it with silver and crystal candlesticks and white candles.   The color scheme is a refreshing change.

quilted table runner ohio star

One of these days I’m going to remove the puffy batting, (which likes to make the candlesticks tip over) add cotton batting and hand quilt it.  One of these days . . .

quilted table runner ohio star close up

Dec 152005

For many years my boys and I had made gingerbread houses during Christmas time.  This year we decided to go bigger.  They each had their own house to build and I decided to get really ambitious with mine.  I think it required a triple batch of gingerbread, at least a quadruple batch of frosting and a few trips to the candy store, but isn’t it wonderfully over the top?

My favorite part is the “rose” window and the way the  lights on the inside make it glow.

gingerbread church

Aug 212005

This is the biggest quilt I ever made!

Haha, I had to throw this in.  When my husband & I put in a patio, we couldn’t do it the simple way.  Naturally neither Gary nor I would be satisfied with a simple, easy brick pattern.  No, it had to be one of the more complicated out there, herringbone on the diagonal.


Yup, that really is me, and I really did all the cutting in on the wetsaw (That means cutting all those little pieces to fill in the spaces.  It was just like making a big quilt!)  But, yeah, I also really did manage to sand off all the fingerprints from my fingers.  (Duh, now I know not to brush away concrete dust with bare hands.  Derrrrrrrrr.)