Aug 082017

All the lovely strands of Czech fire polish beads that I’ve received in recent months from my Dollar Bead Bag subscription are what got me started on today’s bracelet.

I knew they would look really pretty together as a multi-strand bracelet.

summer gypsy bracelet cover

Using a slide/tube clasp keeps the design simple and the focus on the beads. I added in just a few copper spacer beads to fill out the strands and tie all five of them together. The colors were inspired by summer and by the Summer Gypsy Earrings I made recently.

This bracelet has five strands, but add more if you like!

I ended up using three of my strands of Czech fire polish beads: Opaque Red Vintage Bronze Luster, Light Erinite and Crystal Light Beige Luster. These were filled in with some small turquoise nuggets and a strand of frosted orange glass seed beads.

You may have noticed some larger beads on my work table that I didn’t end up using in the finished bracelet. I had thought when I began to throw a few cute beads onto headpins and make a couple dangles near the clasp, but ended up changing my mind on that.

Picture how elegant this bracelet would look with all the strands the exact same beads. Simple and sophisticated. It would also be pretty done in ombré shades.

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Summer Gypsy Bracelet-Beaded Jewelry Tutorial at YouTube.

Feb 222016

sparkling ombre bracelet

Although this bracelet looks quite fancy, it’s really a simple project to put together. The fun part is choosing all your different beads to get a nice ombré blend.

Having the beads all the same type: crystals, and having the same spacer between each one gives this piece unity.

The rest is just stringing and adding crimps & crimp covers.



Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Sparkling Ombré Bracelet Video Tutorial over at YouTube.


  1. Cut 3 9-inch pieces bead stringing wire. String on 3 beads of each of the seven colors, each separated by a daisy spacer. Use bead stoppers to hold beads on ends of wire.
  2. Measure strand of beads and add or remove beads so strand is one inch shorter than desired bracelet length.
  3. Repeat pattern of first strand to string other two strands.
  4. Onto one end of a beaded strand slide a crimp and a wire protector. Slide the wire protector onto a loop of a three-hole connector and slide wire end back through the crimp. Use crimping pliers or One Step Crimper to flatten crimp. Trim off excess wire and cover with a crimp cover.
  5. Repeat to add a wire to each hole of three-hole connector. Add other ends of wires to other connector, being sure strands are lying parallel and not twisted.