Aug 102015

blended colors  bead necklace

For this week’s jewelry project I show you how to take any two colors of seed beads and blend them together into a beautiful necklace. I’ve been on a turquoise and copper kick lately and I absolutely LOVE how this came out.

If you were to use two colors next to each other on the color wheel (such as blue and green) the effect would be subtle and lovely. Use colors opposite each other (such as purple and yellow) for a dramatic look.

The bead stringing takes a little bit of time, but if you watched my Bead Spinner video last week you’ll know how you can do this much faster.

blended beads necklace chart

Here’s the chart that I showed in the video, just help clarify the order of things.

You could do this on a smaller scale for a bracelet, or change any of the section lengths to suit your needs.

blended necklace knotted

And here’s a bonus tip that I discovered. The beaded portion of this necklace is quite long, about 27 inches. If you want to shorten it a bit, a fun way to do that is to tie a loose knot with all the strands. I put mine slightly off center and think I’m going to love wearing it this way.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Blended Colors Bead Necklace Video Tutorial over at YouTube.


  • 3 24 gram tubes of 6/0 seed beads of one color
  • 3 24 gram tubes 6/0 seed beads of a second color
  • 6 36-inch pieces of bead thread, such as Nymo Nylon Beading thread
  • 2 bead cones
  • 2 4 mm beads
  • 2 eye pins
  • clasp
  • jump ring
  • 6 inch length of chain


  • chain nose pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • super glue
  • needle threader
  • funnel
  • small dish
  • Bead Spinner
  • optional: extra curved needles for bead spinner, six would be ideal


  1. Tie all six lengths of beading thread together at one end with an overhand knot.
  2. String 5 inches of color A onto each of the six strands.
  3. Mix together one tube of each color and string 5 inches of these mixed colors onto each of the six strands. Set mixed colors aside.
  4. String 6 inches of color B onto each of the six strands.
  5. String 5 inches of mixed colors onto each of six strands.
  6. Finish by stringing 5 inches of color A onto each of the six strands.
  7. Open an eye pin and tie ends of six strands around eye pin. Close eye pin and tie strands again to knot. Dab with super glue and allow to dry.
  8. Repeat on the other end of necklace, making sure beads are all snug against the first end.
  9. Onto each eye pin slide a bead cone and a 4mm bead. Use round nose pliers to make a loop, trimming excess wire with wire cutters.
  10. To one loop attach one end of the chain. To the other loop attach your clasp with a jump ring.
Feb 162013

Once again, I’m struck by the beauty of the humble seed bead. It’s amazing how elegant these simple components look when strung together in multiples.


This necklace began its life as necklace from a store.  I always liked the colors and the interesting beaded bail, however, it had a cheap plastic pendant that didn’t do much for the whole look.  Cuz, well…. it looked cheap…. and plastic.

Jewelry doesn’t have to be made of expensive materials to make me happy, but it has to look nice.  Ya know?


Take another look at the jewelry pieces in your collection that don’t quite do it for you.  A little tweaking might be all they need.  🙂

Happy creating!

I’m sorry that video embedding is still not working in WordPress.  This link will bring you to the Twisted Multi Strand Bead Necklace video over on YouTube.  While you’re there be sure to check out all my other videos and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss anything.


    • 15-inches each of 6 different seed and small beads each strung onto 22-inches of beading thread
    • 4-inches of one type of beads strung onto 15-inches of beading thread (for bail)
    • 2 – 2-inch pieces wire (headpins with the heads cut off work great)
    • 2 bead caps
    • 3 or 4 jump rings
    • 2 – 4” pieces chain
    • lobster clasp
    • pendant
    • 2 pair chain nose pliers
    • round nose pliers
    • wire cutters
    • awl
    • hemostats, beads bugs or other clamping tool for holding thread ends
    • Fray Check 

To make necklace:

  1. Grasp one end of each of six 15-inch strands of beads with hemostats or bead clamping tool. Gather together opposite ends and tie in a knot. Apply a drop of fray check and allow to dry. Trim thread ends close to knot. 
  2. Gather remaining thread ends all together. Holding the threads close to last bead on each strand, give each strand a tug. This will make all strands even. Tie thread ends in a knot, using awl to place knot close to beads. Apply a drop of fray check and allow to dry. Trim thread ends close to knot. 
  3. Use pliers to make a 90° bend 3/8-inch from end of 2-inch piece of wire. Grasp 3/8-inch section with round nose pliers and twist to make a U-shaped hook. Leave the hook open slightly for now. Repeat with second piece of wire. 
  4. Slide hook of one wire through bead strands at knot with three strands on either side of hook. Use chain nose pliers to close hook into a loop. Slide on bead cap onto wire. Use chain nose pliers to grasp wire just at point where it exits bead cap.  Bend wire at 90° angle.  Grasp bend with round nose pliers and wrap wire around pliers as far as possible to start to make a loop.  Reposition pliers to finish loop.  Use wire cutters to trim wire where it crosses beginning of loop. 
  5. Repeat to add wire hook and bead cap to other end of bead strands. 
  6. Add 4-inch piece of chain to each end of necklace with a jump ring. Add clasp to one end of chain with a jump ring. Add a jump ring to remaining end of chain if necessary. 

To make bail:

  1. Make a single tie (not a knot) in 4-inch strand of beads. Pull on tie to bring beads into a loop. Fold loop in half to find center opposite tie. Bring one thread end under the center and tie threads again. As you pull up the thread the beads will form two loops, a figure eight shape. 
  2. Fold these loops so they lie side by side. These two loops are your bail. 
  3. Knot the threads, apply a drop of fray check and allow to dry. Once dry, trim thread ends. 
  4. Attach the pendant to the bail with a large jump ring, then slide the necklace through the bail to complete the necklace.