Aug 142018

Most of us love creating with the many cool polymer clay products available these days.  

But, once we’ve spent good money, we want to make the most of our purchases!

polymer inlay cover

This technique opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for using silk screens and image transfers (and likely many more things I haven’t thought of yet.)

There are two methods for doing the inlay:

  • One is careful and precise and results in custom pieces with lots of detail
  • The other is quick and easy, but results in less detail and precision

Choose whichever you are most in the mood for!

I recently shared how to do this type of inlay in the Polymer Clay Universe magazine. One of my patrons, Ramona, requested I make it into a video to help those who prefer learning with that style of tutorial.

Your wish is my command, Ramona!

Here are the tools and materials I used in the video:

What types of products come to YOUR mind for this technique?

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the How to Create Inlay Polymer Clay Veneers with Silk Screens & Transfer Paper video at YouTube.

Aug 102016

bargello pattern polymer clay

There’s just something about creating a beautiful thing out of scraps that fascinates me. When I was quilting scrap quilts were always my favorite.

brett mcdanel sculpture

found object sculpture by brett mcdanel

I also adore these found object sculptures that people create. And making wonderful things with scraps of polymer clay is no exception. As always it’s all the possibilities that are enchanting.

In today’s video I show how to use scraps of clay to make a pattern that can be used as a veneer for anything you like. I like using patterns like this as the backgrounds and bases for projects.

Like I show in top photo and in the video you can use it to cover something like a box or an Altoid’s tin. You could make a piece of jewelry, like the ring I show. On both the tin and the ring I plan to go back and add sculptural elements, perhaps flowers or a dragon would be fun.

Just keep in mind that the more you handle and the more you stretch out this pattern the more fine and less apparent it becomes. Which can also be a nice look.

Tools and materials:

Btw, I’m not sure that “bargello” is the correct term for this pattern, but it does sort of have that look. Besides, it sounded better than “zig zag pattern.” 😀

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Bargello Pattern Polymer Clay video at YouTube.