Apr 172018

Think about all the different times and places you’ve seen images of bird’s wings, butterfly wings, angel wings or even fairy wings.

Whether in art, fantasy or nature, wings are very beautiful and popular things!

fairy wings cover

I have a little fairy sculpture who has been needing her wings for quite some time and finally I got around to making them. She is part of a larger sculpted piece which I will be completing soon. If you follow me on Instagram I will post it there when it’s done.

I was really pleased with the method I figured out for making the wings. You could use this technique to create all sorts of 3-D objects out of two dimensional stamped images.

I’d love to hear your thoughts for different ways you would use these ideas!

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the How To Create 3-Dimensional Fairy Wings (or bird, butterfly or angel wings) with a Rubber Stamp-Polymer Clay Tutorial on YouTube.