May 012018

If you’re looking for a simple design for a necklace that’s easy to wear AND uses up some of those jewelry odds & ends you have lying around, I have just the project for you.

springtime leather lariat necklace

This lariat is basically just a length of leather with a nice silver cap glued on each end and dangles hung from the ends. It’s so simple that it’s endlessly customizable.

To wear it you simply fold the leather in half, wrap it around your neck, then slide the ends through the loop. 

You can find the flat leather and findings at Endless Leather:

springtime leather lariat long

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Springtime Leather Lariat Necklace-Quick & Easy Jewelry Tutorial at YouTube.

The leather and end caps were provided to me for free for promotional purposes; however, Endless Leather has no control over my content and I was not paid for making the project.  The opinions shared are my own honest views.

Jun 062016

green mosaic necklace

There’s just something about the casual, rustic look of leather jewelry that makes me think of summer. This necklace with it’s earthy green, brown and gold tones puts me in mind of a hike in woods on a warm, sunny day.

I love how braiding together the two different types of leather and the chain creates a whole new texture.

Finishing the ends of the leather involves bead caps and glue. Be sure to wait the full curing time of the glue before trying to wear your necklace!

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Green Mosaic Necklace Video Tutorial at YouTube.

Jan 252016

leather tassel necklace

Today’s necklace incorporates two popular trends right now: leather and tassels. I kept the number of beads minimal and wire wrapped the leather cord for security and interest.

In the video I first bound the tassel with a bit of suede cord but as I show later I decided to wire wrap it in the same way as I did the rest of the suede cord.

It’s worth it to use the cord ends around the back of the neck so you don’t risk any scratchy bits of wire.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Leather Tassel Necklace Video Tutorial over at YouTube.


  • 24 mm round focal bead
  • 12 10-12 mm chunky black stone beads
  • 10 8 mm crystal roundels
  • 8 6 mm black beads
  • bead stringing wire
  • two crimps
  • two crimp covers
  • two wire protectors
  • 3 yards 1/8 inch suede cord
  • 26 gauge craft wire
  • two cord ends
  • clasp
  • 2-3 inch piece of chain
  • 8mm jump rings
  • 20 #6 seed beads
  • eye pin



  1. Wrap suede cord 9 to 10 times around an object approximately 4 inches across. Slide loops off the object and insert an 8 mm jump ring to hold all of the loops. Use 26 gauge wire to wrap several times 1/4 inch below the jump ring to bind the tassel. Bend the end of the wire about 1/4 inch and tuck in between loops to secure.
  2. Slide 24 mm bead onto an eye pin and make a loop at the other end of the eye pin with One Step Looper or round nose pliers.
  3. Onto bead stringing wire slide a crimp and a wire protector. Slide the wire back through the crimp and flatten with One Step Crimper or crimping pliers. Trim excess wire and cover with a crimp cover.
  4. Onto wire slide 3 6 mm black beads and then alternate five chunky black beads with five crystal roundels with a number six seed bead in between each. Add one more chunky black bead and a 6 mm bead. Slide on one loop of the 24 mm bead and then reverse the pattern of beads and crystal roundels . Add a crimp, wire protector and crimp cover as previously.
  5. Slide a 10 inch length of suede cord through 8 mm jump ring and fold back an inch of the cord. Bind with a 3-4 inch piece of 26 gauge craft wire. Trim excess suede cord. Attach loop to one of the wire protectors. Repeat to attach a 10 inch length of suede cord to the other side of necklace.
  6. Insert end of suede cord into a cord end and use flat nose pliers to flatten each side over the cord. Repeat to add a cord end to other end of necklace. Atach a lobster clasp to one side and piece of chain to the other.
  7. Add jump ring of tassel to bottom loop of 24 mm bead to finish necklace.
Aug 112014

If you can squeeze a pair of pliers, open & close jump rings and weave a little cord, you can make this necklace.

suede stitched chain necklace

It’s a rather different look than your average strung or wire wrapped beads and kinda interesting. I’d love to see your different take on the project! Enjoy the video and happy creating. 🙂


  • 2 8-inch lengths chunky chain (can be the same or different, but have similar size links)
  • 2 20-inch pieces 3mm suede cord
  • 2 6-inch pieces chain (for sides of necklace)
  • 2 cord ends
  • 4 jump rings
  • lobster clasp


  • chain nose pliers
  • flat nose pliers
  • scissors
  1. Insert ends of both pieces of suede cord into a cord end and flatten with flat nose or chain nose pliers.
  2. Wrap one end of one piece of suede cord around end link of 8-inch chain twice. Repeat to wrap the other suede cord around end link of other 8-inch chain.
  3. Criss-cross cords and insert through next empty link of chain on each side. If cord is coming out the bottom of the links, insert cord up from the bottom of next link on opposite side.  If cord is coming out the top of the links, insert cord down from the top of next link on opposite side.
  4. Repeat step three down the length of two chains, binding them together with a series of “X’s” of leather cord.
  5. Repeat step two once you get to the end of the chains.   Trim suede cord so it’s the same length as cords at the beginning and repeat step one to secure in a cord end.
  6. Use jump rings to attach 6-inch pieces of chain to cord end loops. Add a jump ring to one remaining end of chain and a lobster clasp to the other to complete your necklace.