Jul 162012

I pulled a picture of a necklace out of a fashion catalog some time ago. There was just something about the design that appealed to me. Finally, I’m getting around to making it for myself.

In the video I explain my thought process, and how I made the design my own.


One thing that needs to be changed (and I kinda mention it in the video) is that the jump rings to the top of the center oval need to be a little larger.  At the size they are they actually stick and it doesn’t hang straight.  Just something to keep in mind…

Happy creating!

Jun 042012

Below is a jewelry video tutorial I made  for you all, showing how to make this caged beads bracelet.  All you’ll need are beads, a few eye pins and some wire.

Keep in mind that  you could wrap just two beads and attach to ear wires for a pair of earrings, or wrap more beads and make more connectors for a necklace.


Doing a little wire work in your jewelry making is not only a great way to easily dress up your beads, but it also can save you money.  Making your own connectors and clasps is way easier than you might think.

I hope this video encourages and inspires you to give it a try!


I also made a bracelet with red beads and gold wire.  This shot gives you a good view of the figure eight connectors.  (And, apparently, a cat hair.  Hope you aren’t allergic.)

For the spiral I used a much shorter piece of wire (four or five inches, instead of nine) which gives a different look than in the pink bracelet.


Here’s a close up of the finished clasp.

Here’s hoping for a creative week!

May 112012

I just put together a video tutorial for you. It shows how quick and easy it is to make these beaded dangle earrings.  Seriously, if you had all the supplies, you could make a pair in 15-20 minutes.


Aren’t they pretty? In fact, I like them so much, I’m wearing them right now.  Ha!

As I mention in the video, there are many variations you could do on this theme.  Here’s a different kind of hoop for the earrings.


I really want to try this with oval loops, they would be quite elegant.  Or for a funky look, how about rubber “O” rings?  If you don’t mind heavy earrings, how about glass or stone rings?  I’ll bet you could find something made of wood that would be lighter and look cool, too.

As usual, it’s the possibilities that make it exciting!

Happy Creating!

Jun 072011

Today I have a video tutorial for you showing how to make necklaces to match the Knotty Bead Bracelets I shared  few weeks back.

These are so easy and fun, I can’t stop making them!

Here’s the necklace we make in the video:

knotted turquoise and red necklace

And here’s one I just finished today, love those chunky squares.

knotted necklace with square stone beads

As I mention in the video, this one is a favorite, I wear it all the time.  Love those blue ceramic beads.

knotted blue ceramic bead necklace

I finished this one over the weekend, just in time to wear to a picnic on Sunday.  Those tiger eye stones got HOT in the sun.  So hot, in fact, that I had to take it off.  Who woulda thunk it?

knotted tiger eye bead necklace

Love these colors! (I didn’t make this one, but purchased it.  After I got it home and took a more careful look I realized just how simple it would be to make similar styles.)

knotted twine necklace purple green blue necklace

And here’s your tutorial.  Have fun!


May 142011

Here’s a fun weekend project for you.


Doncha just love those funky red chunks?

knotty beaded bracelet with turquoise rounds and red nuggets

So grab your favorite something to drink, then sit back, relax and watch the how-tos.  Then make sure to grab some beads and make a few!



At the beginning of part three I show a diagram which I promised to post on the blog.  Here it is:

knotty beaded bracelet slider knot diagram

Also, here’s a close up of the slider:

knotty beaded bracelet slider closure close up

And, finally, our finished bracelet again.  Have fun!


If you just gotta have one, but don’t feel like making it yourself, there are a few available in my Etsy shop.