May 252018

Having an extra set of beading tools that you can easily bring with you is a great idea.

There have been a few occasions when friends or family members had jewelry that I could have easily adjusted or repaired for them, if only I’d had my pliers with me.

ff inexpensive tools & beads cover

This inexpensive set comes with its own carrying case and is easily tucked into a purse or car glove box. 

Of course, at under $20 for 10 tools, you can’t expect them to be top quality, but they do get the job done. 

In today’s video I’ll go through everything you get in the set, demo a few of them and talk about ways I might use each of the tools.

Speaking of inexpensive jewelry supplies, I am also reviewing a set of 60 large hole beads with accompanying bracelet. At $15 for 60 beads, they are quite the bargain!

Watch today’s video for the details and my honest opinion on all these products.

In case you missed it last week:

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Hope you find the video helpful. Happy creating!

Watch the Inexpensive Jewelry Making Tools & Large Hole Beads-Are They Worth It? Review-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

These products were provided to me for free for review purposes; however, BeeBeeCraft has no control over my content and I was not paid for the review.  The opinions shared are my own honest views.

Aug 212015

ff-rawhide mallet

Continuing in our series on jewelry tools today I’m going to tell you about rawhide mallets. Although not the most glamorous of tools, a rawhide mallet is useful when you need to harden or change the shape of a piece without creating hammer marks.

The rawhide mallet I use is quite small, it’s all I need for jewelry making, but the links below show you several different sizes available.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Friday Findings – Rawhide Mallets video over at YouTube.

Aug 142015

ff-chasing hammer

You can make a lot of jewelry without any hammers at all, but if you’ve decided you’d like to get into wire working then you’ll definitely want to get yourself a chasing hammer.

In upcoming videos I’ll talk about other hammers that you may want to try, but a chasing hammer is the first you should add your tool kit.

I just love the effects that you can get hammering out wire, changing the shape of the cross-section of the wire, and especially the look of texturing with the rounded end.

In the video I’ll show you the basics. The chasing hammer I use is by Beady Buddy and I got it at my local craft store. Amazon has this chasing hammer, which appears to be the same thing. My next one will be a Fretz Chasing Hammer which is also on Amazon, but currently out of stock.

You can read all about Fretz tools on They are wonderful quality, but you’ve gotta save those pennies! 🙂

Enjoy the video and happy creating.

You can watch the Friday Findings-Chasing Hammers video over at YouTube.

Jun 262015

friday findings-flat nose pliers

In this week’s Friday Findings video I tell you all about one of my favorite tools, flat nose pliers. Flat nose pliers aren’t strictly necessary in jewelry making but I’ve found them to be really useful. In the video I show you a couple of my favorite uses for this simple tool.

Here are a few links for different styles of flat nose pliers:

You’ll find the main variations in flat nose pliers are the length of the jaws and the width of the jaws.

If you’re just starting out in jewelry making I recommend instead of flat nose pliers that to start you get yourself a couple pairs of chain nose pliers.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Friday Findings-Flat Nose Pliers video over YouTube.

Jan 162015

friday findings-1 step looper

The 1-Step Looper is a tool I spotted in a magazine a while back, went online and watched the demo video and immediately said, “WANT!”

But then my practical (and frugal) nature kicked in and I reminded myself that I know very well how to make nice, consistent loops in any size and did I really need a $33 tool that makes them in just one size?

After all that fuss I ended up getting these for Christmas (a 50% off coupon was used, which makes me feel better) and I can tell that I’m really going to enjoy them.


  • make consistent simple loops in purchased head pins, eye pins or wire
  • saves time
  • one tool required rather than the usual three (round nose, chain nose & cutters)


  • expensive
  • only makes one size loop
  • doesn’t close loop completely in any wire except 18 gauge

This tool is definitely not a must have, but it is a great time saver and nice to have if you make projects with lots of simple loops.  (As of this writing the 1-Step Looper is only $20 on Amazon, btw.)

In the video I give more detail about how to use them and the wire I recommend.

Hope you enjoy. Happy creating!

You can watch the Friday Findings 1-Step Looper Product Review video over at YouTube.