Jun 262018

If you enjoy my designs, then perhaps, like me, you love creating distinctive and unusual pieces to wear.

Today’s project combines a beautiful fanciful design with an unexpected element: It glows in the dark!

glow pebbles cover

My first thought was to make these into necklace pendants, but then I walked into a dark room and saw them glowing on the table and thought they’d be so cute:

  • Tucked here and there in a fairy garden
  • Placed in pretty bowls about the house
  • Positioned on a night table for a soft comforting glow (for a child, or anyone who needs a little gentle light in the night)

glow pebbles insta (3)

This is the chart provided by PolyClayPlay on their glow powders:

Color: Brightness: Endurance: Particle Size:
Green 10 14+ Hour Dust
Aqua 9 12+ Hour Fine
Blue 7 8+ Hour Fine
Purple 5 6+ Hour Fine


In my pieces I didn’t find that even the green glowed much longer than an hour. However, I did NOT carefully measure my powders or my clay. So it’s likely that if you add them in the correct ratios, you’ll get better results.

I’ll have to try doing that sometime, lol.

Let me know what ways you can think for making use of these sweet little glow pebbles. I just love having them around, they’re pretty and fascinating to look at.

glow pebbles insta (1)

These would also be fun to try lighting up from the inside with LED lights. That may be a topic for an upcoming Friday Findings video.

Here’s the article I mentioned by Ginger Davis Allman on conditioning Pardo Translucent clay.

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video. Happy creating!

Watch the Glow Pebbles Hollow Beads or Necklace Pendants, Glow-In-The-Dark Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial video at YouTube.

Nov 212017

Have you ever held a glass bead up to the light and admired the glow, and wished it could be lit up like that while you wore it?

Glowfish Necklace cover

I have. Which is why I was so excited when I came across a display of luminous jewelry powered by nature at a recent bead show. The name of the company that makes it is AnglerFish (SO clever!) and they recently sent me their starter kit to try out.

See everything that’s in the kit, and details on how it all works in my Friday Findings video from last week:

How to Make Luminous Beads & Jewelry-Light Up LED Necklaces

Today’s video shows how to plan and design a necklace around a focal that looks lovely when lit from within. You can also wear the jewelry unlit, just leave off the powered clasp. 

Either way, this creative product adds a whole new element to our jewelry designs!

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Glowfish Necklace-How To Make Luminous Light-Up Beaded Jewelry Tutorial video at Youtube.