Jul 282017

Today I have for you a look at all the goodies in the July 2017 Dollar Bead Box and Bag. This is a monthly subscription service which brings Czech fire polish beads and/or an assortment of other beads and jewelry findings to your door. 

ff july 2017 bead box

It’s so much fun to get a box of beads in my mailbox every month!

Even if I usually have NO idea what I’m going to do with most of them, I love this kind of assortment because it challenges me. These boxes are great because they make you think creatively and open your mind to using new patterns, colors and materials.

What possibilities come to your mind when you see these beads? 

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Bead & Jewelry Supply Unboxing-July 2017 Dollar Bead Box Subscription-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

May 122017

ff what is pressed glass

It’s always fascinating to learn just how the products we use in our creativity are made. Since most of us who work with jewelry and polymer clay use beads I thought you might be interested in learning more about pressed glass beads.

Since I used to work with hot glass, namely lampworking, I understand a bit of the process. It really is exactly what it sounds like: glass is pressed into molds. In the video I’ll also explain to you what fire polishing means, which sounds intriguing and mystical, but is really just a way of professionally finishing glass beads.

Have any of you done torch work with glass or metal or other materials? Would you if you had the opportunity? I know the thought of working with flame is scary, but it’s fun once you learn how to do it safely.

It recently occurred to me that my youngest son may have come by his pyromania honestly, as I realized how relaxing I find it to be sitting behind a torch, playing with fire.

Huh. Gotta find me some time to do more soldering… or lampworking… or both! 

This webpage gives some details about which types of beads are pressed and other processes used in making them.

Here are links to a few of the things I show in the video, in case you’re interested:

This video playlist is a tour of a bead manufacturer. They show the whole process: pressing, tumbling, faceting, polishing and coating. The final video is a view of their store room, which is kind of like an Aladdin’s cave for beaders. 🙂 

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the What is Pressed Glass? Friday Findings Jewelry & Beads Tutorial video at YouTube.