Apr 112016

chipped swags earrings

I’m always a fan of designs that can be easily changed to get a completely different look.

Today’s earrings use tiger eye chips to make spiky swags hanging from short lengths of chain. But think how different they would feel if the beads were smooth rounds, or crystals, or even tiny seed beads.

Have fun creating and making this design your own.

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Chipped Swag Earrings Video Tutorial over at YouTube.

May 092014

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have jewelry findings in any size shape, color and finish you want, and not be limited by what you can find at the store?

These earrings feature a very simple technique to make your own headpins. All you need is some wire and a hammer.

paddled headpin earrings still 1

Like I said, this is a very basic technique. Although I didn’t do it for these earrings, I could have made my own ear wires as well.  I learned how in the Craftsy class Make Your Own Wirework Findings.

We also learned how to make cool twisted jump rings, a wide variety of toggle clasps and lots of other fun stuff.


Check it out, if you want to go beyond the basics.

paddled headpin earrings still 2

Or, just make a start by trying these paddled headpins. 🙂  If you like, continue on to the matching Crystal Dangles & Roses bracelet . Whatever you do, happy creating!

You can watch the Hammered Paddle Headpin Earrings Video Tutorial over at YouTube.


  • 2 12mm ceramic beads
  • 4 4mm Swarovski crystal bicone beads
  • 4 3mm silver plated round beads
  • 2 silver plated ear wires
  • 8 inches 20 gauge silver filled wire


  • bench block
  • chasing hammer (round faced)
  • file
  • flush cut wire cutters
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers


  1. Leaving wire on the spool,use flush cut wire cutters to make a straight cut across the end of the wire.
  2. Lay last 1/4-inch of wire over bench block and tap lightly with chasing hammer. Continue tapping until wire has spread out into a paddled shape of desired size. Use a file to refine the shape if necessary.
  3. Cut wire 4-inches from end of paddle. Repeat to make a matching paddle for other earring.
  4. Onto each headpin string a 3mm silver bead, 4mm Swarovski crystal bicone, 12mm ceramic bead, 4mm Swarovski crystal bicone and a 3mm silver bead.
  5. Make a wrapped loop with remaining wire of each headpin: Use chain nose pliers to grasp wire just at point where it exits last bead.  Bend wire at 90° angle.  Grasp bend with round nose pliers and wrap wire around pliers as far as possible to start to make a loop.  Reposition pliers to finish loop. Close loop and hold with chain nose pliers. Use another pair of chain nose to wrap remaining wire around wire below 90° bend. Use wire cutters to trim excess wire and use chain nose pliers to tuck in end.
  6. Use chain nose pliers to open loops of ear wires and insert a wrapped loop into each. Close ear wire loops securely.
Dec 292013

I have a rather different kind of project for you today.  It’s a jewelry video tutorial, as it often is, but these earrings have no wire work involved.


Instead, they are held together with waxed linen twine.

A dear friend frequents estate sales and often brings me boxes of jewelry supplies.  (Isn’t she sweet?  Thanks, Joann!)  These wonderful stone lentil beads and painted bone doughnuts were treasures from the last box.


I thought the rustic look of the twine worked perfectly with those beads without detracting from their beauty. Much jewelry is all about the wire work, but these are definitely about those gorgeous beads.



If you’re looking for a quick gift to make, you could put together a pair of these in less than 15 minutes!

Watch Simple Bead & Twine Earrings video over at YouTube.


  • 2 – 3/4-inch diameter stone lentil beads
  • 2 – 1 1/4-inch diameter doughnut shaped beads
  • 8 – 1/4-inch disc beads
  • 2 pair ear wires
  • 2 – 15-inch pieces waxed linen twine
  • scissors
  • awl
  • chain nose pliers


  1. Fold a piece of waxed linen twine in half.  Make a knot in the twine 1/8-inch from the fold, using awl to help position knot.
  2. Slide stone lentil bead onto one piece of twine.  Bring both pieces of twine together below bead and make a knot right where twine exits bead.
  3. Slide one piece of twine through center hole of doughnut bead from the front and slide the other piece of twine through from the back.   Bring both pieces of twine together below doughnut and make a knot.  Don’t pull the twine too tightly or earrings won’t hang nicely.
  4. Slide two disc beads onto one piece of twine.  Leave about 1/8-inch loose twine above beads and tie a knot below beads.
  5. Slide two disc beads onto remaining piece of twine.  Leave about 1/2-inch loose twine above beads and tie a knot below bead.
  6. Trim both pieces of twine about 1/4-inch from bottom of knots.
  7. Use chain nose pliers to open loop in ear wire and insert twine loop made in step one. Close ear wire loop.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 to make second earring.  Remember to use the awl to help place each knot exactly where you want it.

Happy creating!

P.S.  To my regular readers:  I’ve cleared my schedule this week in order to make time for some deep organizing.  Fun stuff like sorting through my file cabinet, clearing out all the old magazines and getting into the backs of certain closets.  Sadly, this will probably not leave much time for blogging, but you can be sure I’ll try to get in some creative time.

I’ll see ya’ll next year. 🙂

Jan 032013

A couple weeks ago I shared a video tutorial showing how to make this necklace.


In the video I promised to show you how to make your very own tangled wire beads.


As promised here they are, made up into earrings.


You can make your wire beads as large or small as you like, in any color wire, with any color or colors of seed beads.  Imagine the possibilities!


  • two ear wires
  • two head pins
  • spool of 22-gauge craft wire
  • 24 glass seed beads
  • two shell beads
  • round nose pliers
  • chain nose pliers
  • wire cutters


  1. Leaving wire on spool, string 12 glass seed beads onto wire. Use round nose pliers to make a loop with end of wire.  Use chain nose pliers to make a bend after loop. Use chain nose pliers to make a 90-degree bend ¼-inch from first bend.
  2. Use your hands to freeform wrap wire around ¼-inch piece, forming core of bead. Continue freeform wrapping, occasionally sliding down a seed bead, until you’ve used all 12 seed beads and wire bead is desired size and shape.
  3. Position wire on side opposite loop. Trim wire to 1 inch long. Use round nose pliers to form another loop, tucking end of wire into bead. Trim excess wire if necessary.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to make second bead.
  5. To make bead dangle, thread shell bead onto a head pin. Use chain nose pliers to grasp wire just at point where it exits bead. Bend wire at 90-degree angle. Grasp bend with round nose pliers and wrap wire around pliers as far as possible to start to make a loop. Reposition pliers to finish loop. Use wire cutters to trim wire where it crosses beginning of loop.  Repeat to make dangle with second shell bead.
  6. Open loop of bead dangle and attach loop of a tangled wire bead. Open loop of ear wire and attach other end of tangled wire bead. Repeat to make second earring.

Happy Creating!