Jan 262018

Druzies are popular in jewelry and home decor these days, and even though they aren’t particularly expensive, it’s a fun project to make them yourself!

Besides, who doesn’t love being able to customize the sizes, shapes and colors?

ff faux druzies cover

In today’s video I show how you can make your own chunky, glittery and utterly organic faux druzies.

There are only two ingredients you need to make druzies: glitter and glue. In the video I show which ones work best.

Then all you need is something to put them in such as purchased metal bezels, or you can create your own custom bezels out of polymer clay.

green faux druzies

In case you’re interested, this is how the druzies that I made in the video came out.

Gotta love all that sparkle!

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the DIY Faux Druzies-Druzy Jewelry Pendants-Friday Findings Tutorial video at YouTube.

Jan 232018

Last week I showed how to sculpt miniature houses, flowers, succulents and a forest of mushrooms for our fairy garden teacups. 

Were you able to find a teacups to build your project in?

If not, you might be able to use a pretty bowl, candle holder or even a teapot!

fairy garden teacup pt 2 cover

This week, as promised, I’ll show you how to create sweet little bunny rabbits, ladybugs and a garden trellis. Then we’ll put it all together and complete the project. 

If you missed the first part, click here to watch part one of the Fairy Garden in a Teacup.

Tools & Materials (from part one):

Tools & Materials (for part two):

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Fairy Garden In a Teacup Polymer Clay Sculpting Miniature Tutorial-Pt. 2 of 2 video at YouTube.

Watch part one of the Fairy Garden in a Teacup.

See the part one Fairy Garden in a Teacup blog post.

Jan 192018

When I opened this month’s Dollar Bead Box and started arranging and rearranging all of the goodies inside it got me to thinking about how my system of organizing keeps me from doing that sort of play at any other time.

ff making the most of bead boxes cover

It also makes me think of stories I’ve heard about other artists who tend to leave things piled about their work desks and will often discover new and interesting combinations just because of the variety of things that end up in contact with each other.

Being a very organized person and someone regimented in my methods, the thought of doing this rather stresses me out!

In today’s video I consider a few different ways we can organize and sort collections in order to best make use of them.

Here are links to some of the items I showed in the video:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the How To Make the Most of Your Beads, Bead Boxes and Jewelry Stash-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

Jan 162018

Fairy gardens are utterly adorable and a miniature one in a tea cup is especially cute.

It was SO much fun creating all the details for this tiny fairy garden in a tea cup!

fairy garden teacup pt 1 cover

In today’s video I will show you:

  • How to fill your tea cup and prepare the ground
  • How to make teeny houses with doors, windows, and textured roofs
  • How to make itty-bitty mushrooms with a fun and easy way of inserting them into your garden
  • How to create tiny polymer clay succulents that never need watering
  • And how to make minuscule flowers, because what is a fairy garden without flowers?

Since I had so many ideas for details to add this is part one of a two-part series.

Be sure to check back next week when I’ll show you how to make ladybugs, bunny rabbits and a sweet little arbor for your flowers to climb on. Then we’ll put it all together and finish the project.

Tools and Materials:

A few notes from the video:

  • There are LOADS of tutorial on YouTube for all different types of succulents.
  • The issue of Polymer Café that I mention in the video is Vol. 15 No. 1, Nov./Dec. 2016. I could not find anywhere online to purchase back issues of this magazine.
  • I do have one extra copy of this issue, if you are interested feel free to contact me. (And if you find a source for back issues, let me know and I’ll pass along the info!.)

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Fairy Garden In a Teacup Polymer Clay Sculpting Miniature Tutorial-Pt. 1 of 2 video at YouTube.

Jan 122018

Did you make a resolution a couple weeks ago to get more organized in 2018? 

If so, I have a tool that you will find helpful!

ff using evernote

When I got my first smart phone 2 1/2 years ago the salesman suggested Evernote as a good app to try. I had no idea what it did, but was eager to add apps to my phone, so I installed it… and haven’t looked back since!

In today’s video I’ll show how I use Evernote to keep track of all my creative ideas, as well as many things around the house like recipes, garden plans and gift ideas. But you can organize anything

Some other things folks use it for:

  • Keeping track of medications, medical history, meetings with doctors, etc.
  • A great place to store and update your household inventory (I did one many years ago, and really need to redo it. I will be using Evernote for that!)
  • Taking inventory of your stash (of anything!) so you don’t buy duplicates.
  • Need more ideas? Check out this Pinterest search.

I’m sure you can think of many more!

You can find Evernote:

  • At Evernote.com
  • In the App Store for IOS
  • In the Google Play store for Android

Enjoy the video and feel free to share your thoughts on using this amazing tool. 

Watch the How To Organize All Your Creative Ideas Using Evernote-Friday Findings Tutorial video at YouTube.

Jan 092018

The fun thing about playing with wire is that with just a little imagination and practice with your tools you can make any shapes you like.

Wire can be shaped into complex things, like words, bird’s nests or holly leaves, or you can create simple things, like ear wires, jump rings and clasps.

wired hearts cover

You can even use wire as the foundation for an entire piece, as in my Autumn Jewels Necklace.

However, since Autumn and Christmas are behind us, and Valentine’s is ahead, I thought I’d try making some cute little hearts out of wire.

These are quick & easy to make, and you can vary them in many ways. If you want to make tiny hearts, try using your round nose pliers as the form, rather than the bail making pliers I show in the video.

Of course, the best part, in my opinion, is adding some sparkle with beads! Swarovskis look nice, but so do Czech Fire Polish beads. I love the way the beads I used look different, depending on the color of wire I used.

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Wired Heart Charms & Pendants-Wire Wrapping Jewelry Tutorial video at YouTube.

Jan 052018

Making canes out of polymer clay is fun and quite satisfying, but it can be time consuming.

After doing all of that work you want to get the most out of your cane and not waste it.

ff using LC mini slicer

That is why I decided to purchase the Lucy Clay mini slicer. I don’t cane very often, but when I do I find myself wasting large amounts of all that work and patterned clay while trying to get nice slices.

As I’ve mentioned before I decided on the mini slicer rather than the full-size, not just because the price was $100 instead of $200, but because it takes up a lot less space on the worktable. Although I haven’t had a chance to try the full-size version it would appear from the demonstrations I’ve seen that the mini slicer isn’t quite as accurate.

In today’s video I show a couple workarounds for ways you can make very thin, very consistent slices of polymer clay with the Lucy Clay Mini Slicer. This enables you to make veneers such as the one covering my business card case.

If you have an LC mini slicer or another similar product, I would love to hear your thoughts and observations.

I’ve seen DIY alternatives for slicing canes and I’m not certain if this is better than some of those. Let me know what you think!

Here are links to a few of the things shown in this video:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the How To Use The LC Mini Slicer For Slicing Polymer Clay Canes-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

Jan 022018

Even when you have a perfectly matched set of beads there is still a lot you can do to make a piece of jewelry uniquely your own.

Several months ago I purchased a set of pearlescent ceramic beads from Splendid Loon Studio at a bead show in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Pearly Purples necklace cover

The stringing of this necklace is simple, and I was especially pleased with the unusual way I was able to utilize the tassel finding. 

It’s always fun to take another look at supplies you already have and see how they can be adapted to a new use!

Tools and Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Pearly Purples Necklace & Earrings Ceramic Bead Jewelry Tutorial video at YouTube.

Dec 292017

Crimp ends are one of those jewelry findings that I looked at and ignored for the longest time, probably because I didn’t understand how they worked.

ff crimp ends

Once I took a closer look at them I realized how valuable they can be in making your jewelry work not only quick and easy, but also more neat and professional looking.

Today’s video shows how to use crimp ends to finish cording, gives a few tips for using them effectively, and explains how you can choose the right size for your cording.

Be aware that when you do a search in online stores you will also be looking at ribbon ends, cord ends, bead caps and other findings that don’t work the same way. 

Here are links to a few places I like to purchase crimp ends:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the How To Use Crimp Ends To Finish Cords In Your Jewelry-Friday Findings video at YouTube.

Dec 192017

Need a last minute gift or decoration, or just want to relax with an easy Christmas project? 

These little holly leaves come together quickly with just a bit of wire and random beads for decoration.

whimsical wire holly leaves cover

This is the kind of project that’s perfect for during the holidays. Sometimes you just want to sit down and make something quick, cute and creative, without too many rules.

What I love about this style is that no matter how “loose” you are with the wire work, they still come out adorable! 

Hope you have fun with this project.

If you are looking for jewelry making tools & supplies I recommend, check out my new Amazon shop. On any of the items you can hover over the box in the upper right and read more details about why I like and use that particular product. 


The links are affiliate links, so, yes, Keepsake Crafts will make a small amount of money if you choose to make a purchase through these links.  However, I can almost guarantee it will go right back into buying more crafty goodies.

Hope you have a blessed Christmas!  

I’m taking some time off this week, so I’ll be back on January 2nd with another creative project (and on December 29th with a findings video.)

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Whimsical Wire Holly Leaves-Beaded Christmas Pendant/Ornament/Decoration-Jewelry Tutorial video at YouTube.