Mar 282016

stingray leather bracelet

Sometimes it’s fun to make a very simple design, but use unique and interesting components. The nice folks at Endless Leather sent me three different leathers (cowhide, kangaroo and stingray!) along with gold plated findings to make a project perfect for guys & gals alike.

The assembly is simple: two part epoxy glues the leather into the end caps and the clasp is attached with  jump rings. In the video I give some tips for sizing.

To make a bracelet to fit a 7 inch wrist you’ll need:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Stingray Leather Bracelet Video Tutorial over at YouTube.

Mar 252016

studio tour worktable

Many of you said you enjoyed my studio tour and seeing how I organize and store things in my work space. Today I show you some of the details of my work table.

Here are links to the things I mention in the video:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Friday Findings-Studio Tour Part 5, Work Table video over at YouTube.

Mar 232016

sculpted polymer flowers

In today’s project you will learn not only how to make a simple polymer clay cane, but also how to use that cane to make pretty floral pendants.

It’s simple sculpting and you have lots of options for how to use your piece once it’s done. I like the idea of making several different flowers, each with two stringing channels, and then putting them together with a few beads for a bracelet.

Tools and materials:

This is one of those designs that has many different possibilities. From each cane you have two different colors options and they go together so quickly, you’ll want to make a bunch. 🙂

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Sculpted Polymer Clay Flowers Video Tutorial over at YouTube.

Mar 212016

rings around it bracelet

It’s always fun to go through your supplies and discover new ways to combine things. I’ve had these hammered stainless steel links for quite a while and thought they could use some dressing up.

You could make this same design but turn it sideways with just 2 or 3 links and have a pair of earrings. Or connect more links together for a necklace.

So many ideas, so little time!

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Rings Around It Bracelet Video Tutorial over at YouTube.

Mar 182016

ff studio tour tool storage

Today in part 4 of my studio tour I show how I organize most of my tools & supplies for working with polymer clay. I’ve been really pleased with this organizer as it keeps everything I use most often within quick reach.

You can find the foam core in white or in black if you’d like to make something similar for your tools.

Here are some of the tools & supplies I use frequently:

By the way, if you’d like to see the whole series, watch the Studio Tour Playlist.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Friday Findings-Studio Tour Part 4-Tool Storage video over at YouTube.

Mar 162016

springtime birdies earrings 1

In today’s video I show you how to use a push mold to make a pair of earrings that look like far more work than they actually are.

Push molds may have started out as toys for children, but nowadays there are a lot of really gorgeous designs to be found.

The push mold that I used has long since been discontinued (it was made in 1997) but I did find a couple on eBay if you want the exact same one. (It’s called “Birds” by Judi Maddigan and was made by Amaco.) Otherwise you will find a lot of really nice push molds on Amazon.

The top two on this list are ones I show in the video, plus a few more that you might like.

Don’t be afraid to further manipulate your little sculpture after molding. You can stretch it, pull it, change features, add features, add texture and do all sorts of other things to make it entirely your own.



Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Springtime Birdies Earrings-Polymer Clay Video Tutorial over at YouTube.

Mar 142016

turquoise tassel necklace

Tassels are fun to wear and there are so many different ways to make them! I love the ones made from beads, like in these Crystal Tassel Earrings, but you can also make them out of leather or chain, or any kind of fiber you can think of.

Today’s necklace combines a tassel focal with a beaded asymmetrical chain. I tried to find a link to the chain I used but couldn’t. I did find a few interesting looking chains that would work:

Materials & Tools:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Turquoise Tassel Necklace Video Tutorial over at YouTube.

Mar 112016

ff studio tour bead storage

Everybody’s always looking for organizing tips so in today’s video I share with you how I keep my bead stash under control.

Most of my beads are sorted by color in ArtBin Slim Super Satchels . The four smaller organizers in the cabinet are Deluxe Bead Organizers by Darice.

A wonderful free source of trays and organizers for beads are the lids and bottoms of chocolate boxes.

beads in chocolate trays

Also, you can use the inserts that divide the candies to sort your more precious beads, like I do with my glass lampwork beads. What a shame that someone has to eat all that chocolate first. 😀

Enjoy the video and happy creating! (And organizing… and chocolate eating.)

You can watch the Friday Findings-Studio Tour Pt. 3-Bead Storage & Organizing video over at YouTube.

Mar 092016

dragon's blood bracelet

Since our bracelets always seem to twist themselves clasp side up, let’s turn that into a positive by creating our own gorgeous focal toggle clasp out of polymer clay and wire. Then it will be beautiful no matter which way it’s facing.

Although the list of tools and supplies is long, none of the processes is complicated. And all the tools are basic to a polymer clay/jewelry making tool kit.

I absolutely adore these Dragon’s Blood Jasper beads, although I have to admit I like them nearly as much for the name as for their appearance! 😀

Save yourself some aggravation and make sure all your chosen beads will fit onto the waxed linen twine before starting the project.

Tools & Materials:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

For complete instructions watch the Dragon’s Blood Jasper Bracelet-Polymer Clay Jewelry Tutorial over at YouTube.

Mar 072016

spring sparkles earrings

These earrings are reminiscent of fuchsia flowers, with their purple & pink crystals and the loops hanging down.

As I’m writing this it’s still winter here in New England and a touch of spring is quite welcome!

This is such a simple design you could change the look and feel easily by choosing different styles of beads. Metallic beads in the loops and stone chips in the dangles would give you a more earthy pair of earrings. Clear crystals in the loops and pearly dangles would by fit for a bride.

Have fun making this design your own.



Enjoy the video and happy creating!

You can watch the Spring Sparkles Earrings Video Tutorial over at YouTube.