Bead Weaving On A Beading Loom-Friday Findings

When I started bead weaving a couple years ago, I completely avoided any designs that involved a loom.

The tools looked complicated and intimidating and the designs appeared to be boring and simplistic.

Then my son got me a Little Ricky beading loom for Christmas.

photos of a variety of bead weaving looms in different styles by different manufacturers 

Title: Bead Weaving on a Beading Loom

After playing with it for the past couple weeks, I’ve found not only is it an easy device to use, but the design possibilities go beyond gridded patterns to include all different kinds of beads, textiles and fibers for amazing textural effects.

More on all those possibilities in upcoming posts and videos.

In today’s video I’ll show several options for beading looms, how to set up the Little Ricky loom and give the basics for bead weaving.

Be sure to watch for my post next week, when I’ll go through a bead weaving bracelet from start to finish, including how to plan your own designs and how to make it without a loom.

Tools and Materials:

Video Tutorials and Inspiration:

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

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