Picture Perfect Resin Bangle Bracelets-Memory Jewelry Tutorial

Without checking, take a guess as to how many photos you have on your phone right now.

Now take a peek. Were you close?

Resin bangle bracelets with film strip ribbon and photos embedded.

Out of all those photos, how many do you enjoy looking at regularly?

I don’t take that many personal photos (most of my photography these days is of my creations) and I’ve got 328! I’ll bet many folks have thousands.

Today’s resin project involves getting a handful of special pictures out of our phones and into a piece of memory jewelry.

Tools & Materials:

Many thanks to the folks at Resin Obsession for sending along the resin and the bangle molds for me to try.

Here is some helpful info from the Resin Obsession website:


Watch the Picture Perfect Resin Bangle Bracelets-Jewelry Tutorial video at YouTube.

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