May 112018

Adding teeny, tiny painted details to our polymer clay and jewelry work can only be accomplished with teeny, tiny paint brushes.

I do lots of work in miniature, so I was intrigued by this set of 15 brushes by Arteza.

ff arteza brushes

I really like having the variety of shapes and sizes to choose from and so far have been happy with the results.

They aren’t top quality, but for someone who is rough on paint brushes, they’ll do.

Watch today’s video for more details and a demonstration of the Arteza Detail Paint Brushes, Set of 15.

Enjoy the video and happy creating!

Watch the Brushes For Miniatures-Arteza Set of 15 Liners, Spotters & Rounds Review-Friday Findings at YouTube.

This product was provided to me for free for review purposes; however, Arteza has no control over my content and I was not paid for the review.  The opinions shared are my own honest views.

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  2 Responses to “Brushes For Miniatures-Arteza Set of 15 Liners, Spotters & Rounds Review-Friday Findings”

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  1. Oh, your new profile pic on YouTube is nice! Did you get your hair frosted?

    Anyway, I like how you demonstrate products and don’t just talk about them. That’s a good point about checking to see if brush tips need trimming. Also, you get extra points for the bonus tip from Gary about preserving brushes! I never realized that was what made my cheap brushes splay. :/

    • You know, Gary’s mentioned that bit about not getting paint in the ferule many times, but it was only recently that I started listening. :-/

      The hair is all my natural color! I stopped coloring it last summer, my hairdresser helped blend in the gray as it grew in… and here it is. Now, it’s nice only having to pay for the occasional trim and not for coloring.

      But, oh, I did hate taking down that other photo with the dark hair, as I like that look better. It seemed necessary though, as I never wanted to be on of those people who kept up a photo that was 20 years out of date, lol.

      Just being real. ====sigh====

      Although, in the interest of true confessions, I DID wait until I lost another 30+ lbs. to take a new profile pic. 😀

      Thanks for the comments on my style of reviews. It’s helpful to hear and I’m glad you like them!

      Happy Mother’s Day

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