Fantasy Bezel Pendants Pt. 1-Polymer Clay Tutorial

fantasy bezels

You may have noticed that I adore interesting surface effects. And I haven’t found any effects much more interesting than what Pebeo Fantasy paints can do!

After playing with these paints and admiring their organic end results, I decided they needed to be showcased by an organic setting. So, in this week’s video I’ll show you how to create these polymer clay bezels. Next week I’ll show how much fun it is to drop in the Pebeos and watch them do their thing.

You can finish the bezels simply, with just some applied mica powders, like I show in the video. Or, you can take it up a step and add metallics and patinas with Swellegant paints.

I definitely prefer this look, and like to wait until the Pebeos are done before choosing my paint & patina colors. The final look of Pebeos is unpredictable, so by waiting I can choose the colors that perfectly accent them.

Gather your supplies and be prepared to have fun!

Happy creating!

Watch the Fantasy Bezel Pendants-Polymer Clay Tutorial at YouTube.

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