Truly, nothing sparkles like a Swarovski, and I fell in love with these crystal snowflakes at a bead show I attended recently.

crystal snowflake earrings cover

Since they are clear, you could match them with just about any color beads you like. However, these light blue glass bicones in my stash immediately made me think, “Frozen!”

If they’re a little much for earrings for you, how about using them as ornaments or sun catchers? I had to take these outdoors to photograph and the glittering in the sunshine was just amazing.

In the video I give  you lots of ideas and options for how to hang and string these. I hope you’ll find some creative inspiration!

Enjoy the video and happy creating.

You can watch the Crystal Snowflake Earrings Video Tutorial over at YouTube.


  • 2 21mm x 17mm Swarovski crystal snowflake pendants
  • 2 pinch bails or jump rings
  • 6 4mm blue glass bicone beads
  • 8 4mm Swarovski crystal clear bicone beads
  • 2 6mm Swarovski crystal clear bicone beads
  • 2 ear wires
  • 2 crimps
  • 2 crimp covers
  • 2 wire protectors
  • 2 8-inch pieces nylon monofilament, 8 lb. test


  • wire cutters
  • chain nose pliers
  • crimping pliers
  • sharpie
  1. For ease of stringing, lay ends of monofilament on a scrap piece of paper and color the last inch or so of each end with a Sharpie.
  2. Attach a pinch bail to holes of a snowflake. Slide a piece of monofilament through bail.
  3. On each side of snowflake string a clear 4mm bicone, a blue 4mm bicone and a clear 4mm bicone.
  4. Slide both monofilament ends through a 6mm bicone, a 4mm blue bicone, a crimp, a wire protector and back through the crimp.
  5. Pull up monofilament snugly, then back off a little to leave room for crimp cover. Use chain nose pliers to flatten crimp. Trim monofilament ends.
  6. Use crimping pliers to pick up crimp cover and place over flattened crimp. Squeeze gently to close cover and shape into a round bead shape.
  7. Open the loop of an ear wire and attach to wire protector. If necessary, use chain nose pliers to twist loop of ear wire so snowflake pendant is facing front.
  8. Repeat to make second earring.

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