Jul 132012

Today is my mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!), so earlier this week I whipped up this bracelet and earrings set as a gift for her.  Now that I know it’s arrived safely, I can share the video with you.

Of course, you can adapt the beads and colors to suit any occasion.  This is a great project for a last minute gift, or for gifts that you need in multiples, like for bridesmaids in a wedding party.


I still remember the first time I saw cube beads.  A friend brought me to a bead show and I was astounded.  Who’d have thunk of making them  square?    lol

Enjoy the video tutorial.

Happy creating!

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  1. BEAD SHOWS?? Yes, I believe you go to bead shows. I bet you find a lot of pretty stuff, too. That pink is very pretty.

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