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  1. robin
    June 25, 2012

    That is SO CUTE!! I love the color, but you may have noticed that I’m into turquoise right now. The sandals are perfect with it, as is the belt. Can we see a close-up of that? Is it one of yours?

    This is a great outfit for sipping mint juleps on the verandah on a hot day, which I understand you’re having a few of.


    • Sandy
      June 27, 2012

      Aren’t those shoes adorable? Just got ’em from Fashion Bug and I LOVE them.

      I have no idea how old that belt is, very old I think, as I can remember being able to fasten it much farther in along the chain. It hadn’t been worn in a while and I realized I’m going to have to remake it, as sections are falling apart. I’ll be sure to include close ups of the before and after.

      Yeah, we had a few scorchers last week. No mint juleps, but I did indulge in a wine cooler or two. 🙂


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